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How We Can Help

In-Home (or Virtual) Safety Evaluations.

We'll walk through your home with you addressing safety concerns & showing you potential hazards.

 If you'd prefer a video consult to discuss your needs,  that works too: though in some cases we may also need you to measure your stairway or rail openings.  After the consult, you'll receive an email proposal for suggested items & their installation cost. You pick and choose what you'd like, & schedule an install time.  

Email Quotes

If you'd prefer to skip the consult and know what you want: you can let us know what help you'd like via email (send pics & measurements when possible), and we can give you an email quote. 

Expert Installation

You decide what you'd like installed, then our experienced professionals will do all the work for you! Baby-proofing is not just a side part of our business, it is our primary business. We have installed in all varieties of homes from historic 4 story row homes, to brand new high-rise condos. You can be assured you are getting the best installation that will hold up over time, and suit your aesthetic. 

Premium Products

There are a lot of products on the market. Our experience has shown us what works well and what doesn't. And our membership in the I.A.F.C.S keeps us in the loop for new products & solutions. We'll help you pick trustworthy products that will work best in your specific home, look best, are practically easy to use, and will hold up over time.


We can keep you up to date with safety news & seasonal safety tips via social media, emailed newsletters + printed materials. And don't forget to go check out pictures of our installs on social media!

Educational classes:

Home Safety 101 & Car Seat Safety 101.  Contact us to get a class on the calendar for 2021! Classes being taught virtually currently.  

Ready to babyproof?
Or find out more? Contact Us!

Our contact form is the easiest way for us to receive your introductory information. You can expect a reply within a day.  Alternatively, feel free to scroll down for the links to our email,  phone, & social media

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